Rabu, 11 November 2009

Have you become a great teacher?

I am not a great teacher but I always try to be a great teacher, are you one of the great teachers?

1. Great teachers always have high expectations for all the students. They expect that all students can pass their classroom, they will keep trying to make al students achieve the requirements.

2. Great teachers have clear, written objectives. Great teachers have lessons plans that give their students a clear idea what they will be learning. They know what the assignments are and what the grading policy is.

3. Great teachers are always prepared and managed. They will come to class early and ready to teach. They can present lessons clearly. They can organize their classroom so that they can minimize distractions

4. Great teachers encourage the students to think what happen next on issues. They as frequently to make students are following along. They try to engage with all students they will not allow few students to dominate the class.

5. Great teachers form strong relationships with their students and show that they care about them as people. They are warm, accessible, enthusiastic, and caring. They are known to stay after school and make themselves available to students and parents who needs them.

6. Great teachers are masters of their subject matter. They know exactly what the issues on their subject. They will keep the students to gain more and more about the issues.

7. Great teachers communicate frequently with parents. They will pleasantly talk to parents anytime considering of the development of the students. They will take parents call anytime if it is concerned about students

Hope we (teachers) can be one of great teachers.

16 talks:

prafangga on 11 November 2009 05.52 mengatakan...

no, you are the best mom

facebook-hot on 11 November 2009 05.53 mengatakan...

Keduax.....hohohoho yes you are the best

mas doyok on 11 November 2009 05.53 mengatakan...

kamu yg terbaik mom
:D on 11 November 2009 05.53 mengatakan...

Ketiga dapet gelas cantik

Mas Doyok on 11 November 2009 05.54 mengatakan...

enak aje aku yg ketiga tahuuuu
dan kelima

aRi isTiadi on 11 November 2009 06.03 mengatakan...

wah gak terlalu ngerti bahasa inggris

lovablebeauty on 11 November 2009 06.27 mengatakan...

@mas doyok : i am keep trying to be hehehe
@aris: thanks for coming

secangkir teh dan sekerat roti on 11 November 2009 08.05 mengatakan...

i want to be that!

facebook-hot on 11 November 2009 14.28 mengatakan...

hei hei you are the blogger fanatic see my post please,

lovablebeauty on 11 November 2009 18.03 mengatakan...

@secangkir kopi: lets try
@angga: youiiiiiii

reni on 11 November 2009 18.13 mengatakan...

nice info...teacher...

mendjaya on 11 November 2009 19.33 mengatakan...

wakakaka.... dari indo sekaragng ke inggirs...wekekkkkk

asep canda on 11 November 2009 19.40 mengatakan...

keren post nya mbak ngerti dikit dikit hehehe

lovablebeauty on 11 November 2009 19.50 mengatakan...

@reni: trims y
@angga: gonta ganti biar ga bosen
@asep: makasih dah baca

Yun on 13 November 2009 18.27 mengatakan...

great teachers are not only teach their students, but also teach themselves. They are both of teachers n students, evenwhen n evenwhere. Undoubtly, u're one of them, Momma!!! ^_^

akhlis on 18 Desember 2009 00.03 mengatakan...

I'm about to quote the third point:
"3. Great teachers are always prepared and managed. They will come to class early and ready to teach. They can present lessons clearly. They can organize their classroom so that they can minimize distractions"

I guess that holds true particularly at elementary and high school. I had taught at universities, I was trying to be punctual every day but my fellow lecturer didn't think that way. Punctuality seemed to hide somewhere on their mind. It also occured to me during my college days. I hate to say this but lecturers and teachers in Indonesia never teach the importance of punctuality by giving students real examples, i.e. themselves! They want their students come on time or even earlier but it's totally fine for teachers to come late. I lose respect for some smart teachers with such laid-back attitude. They are showing poor attitudes and pathetic work ethics. Late teachers, shame on you all!

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