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Successful is not only from school

This paper starts from my chat with a person who I admire because of his skills that I want to learn badly. School, is it still attractive to some people? Should a person to achieve success in school?
Lets Reflecting the experience of some people who are proved to be true entrepreneurs

1. E Purdi Chandra (founder Primagama)
The business began on March 10, 1982, when he and his friends founded the Institute of Guidance Test Primagama (later became tutoring). When establishing the business he is still listed as students at 4 faculties of 2 State University in Yogyakarta. Because he felt "he did not get anything" he was desperate to leave the world of education to cultivate the business world.
With the "ups and downs" Primagama Purdi run. From the outset, only 1 outlet with only 2 students, Primagama gradually developed. Primagama students now have more than 100 thousand people
According to him to be a true entrepreneur, it doesn’t need a high IP, diplomas, let alone capital money. "It was exactly right when we do not have anything. Use only the science of street smart, "thinks the right brain's ability to be creative and innovative enough. Many people hesitate to do business just because too smart. Conversely, people who by formal teachers consider as silly or stupid because its value is considered bad, it soared to become successful entrepreneurs.

2 .. Sukyatno Nugroho, founder of Es Teler 77 which is also pioneering local brand franchises, only Junior High school graduate but was known in his ability to bear the marketing strategies of innovative

3. E. Rockefeller, king of the American Oil. Because of family economic pressure, at the age of 16 he had to leave the bench for his school but he was a diligent, serious work, like the challenges and struggles, make him a successful businessman and one of the richest in the world.

4. Konosuke Matshushita, the largest electronic business in Japan. A child of farmers who could not continue their education in basic education, but thanks to the willingness and hard work, he could prove to be a successful entrepreneur.

But whether the school had become not important anymore? Do you still want to go to school?? (Let us reflect ...)

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Mas Doyok on 6 September 2009 20.46 mengatakan...


Mas Doyok on 6 September 2009 20.46 mengatakan...

setuju buk, saya jga gak kuliah nih :D

Dody IPN on 6 September 2009 20.53 mengatakan...

Setuju, Dari Sini Pun Kita Bisa Meraih Successssss

Dengan Kerja Kerassssss

Stories Funny Funniest Pictures Humor on 6 September 2009 21.16 mengatakan...

SEETUUJUU BUGUYU, apapun pendapat buguyu, pastinya ku akan ikut setuju aja, heheheh

salam sukses on 6 September 2009 22.21 mengatakan...

setuju sekali.
( bujas_009 )

Ocim on 6 September 2009 22.38 mengatakan...

yak bener kok, dengan kemauan yang keras
apapun juga bisa kita dapatkan
tetapi kita jg jgan memandang remeh sekolah
sebeb dari sekolah dapat lahir seorang pemimpin bangsa, ilmuan dsb

denadnan on 6 September 2009 22.51 mengatakan...

setuju, tapi harus tetap belajar dan belajar...

bisnis online pemula on 7 September 2009 01.31 mengatakan...

It's Not Only?? berarti menunjang juga donk untuk menuju sukses.
Smart jast not from campus

Sewa Komputer on 7 September 2009 02.03 mengatakan...

Great Idea. Tapi sekolah tetap harus jalan terus sob.

lovablebeauty on 7 September 2009 06.52 mengatakan...

@mas doyok: you r my inspirations
@Dody: thanks y hard work is needed bro
@funny: your r my best pal thanks
@Ocim : Thanks for ur coming n comment, i do admire you as a blogger,..
@deandnan : dont be bored to visit this site y
@Bisnis pemula: i am a teacher, so school is still priority
@SEwa komputer: y school is still important
Thanks all

kang suroto on 7 September 2009 09.45 mengatakan...

I agree with you, nice post

asep canda on 7 September 2009 19.07 mengatakan...

nice info friends i love you full....

andi on 9 September 2009 14.17 mengatakan...

No matter is still important as long as those school don't judge stupid student as a dummy but it can dig up each students potential.

yang punya blog on 9 September 2009 17.16 mengatakan...

@kang sur: thanks 4 ur comment
@asep: thanks friends
@Andi: i absolutely agree with you thanks

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