Kamis, 17 September 2009

Adjectives + Preposition

Some adjectives are followed by prepositions:

1.afraid of
2.angry with
3.bad at
4.interested in
5.married to
6.frightened of
7.crowded with
8.good at
9.successful in
10.polite to
11.short of
12.pleased with
13.brilliant at
14.similar to
15.tired of
16.disappointed with

The village is crowded with tourists today
Betty is afraid of bats

Do it the excercise below!
1. Tom is disappointed ... his new car.
2. I have been married ... Sonia for over ten years
3. Mark says he is interested .... UFOs (Unidentified Flying Object)
4. Look at Peter! He is very good .... repairing things.
5.Suzan is angry .... herself for breaking the vase .

Nom + Préposition

I am not making fun of you,I just admire what you are doing.
an excuse for (not coming)
have interest in (learning English)
have pity on
have a reputation for
(being strict)
have confidence in (a friend)
play a joke on
have a talent for (acting)
make progress in (math)
an attack on
a lack of (information)
pay attention to
make fun of (sb)
a reply to (a letter)
take care of (children)
an objection to (a boyfriend coming at home)

6.Is Mark trying to fight his addiction .... alcohol?

7. Is he really an alien? Sonia wondered if the others were playing a joke.... her.
8. -What's your excuse ... being late this time?
- I missed the bus.
9. If you don't pay close attention ..... the traffic lights you will never pass your driving test.
10.Does this lack .... progress mean that Bob doesn't work enough?

10 talks:

mas doyok on 17 September 2009 07.26 mengatakan...

nice tutor bu guru

award dari shanusy diambil ya bu guru.......

tapi dari masdoyok sekrang


lovablebeauty on 17 September 2009 07.29 mengatakan...

@mas doyok, dah comment sippo, ok deh entr kuambil

Teplok on 17 September 2009 07.47 mengatakan...

wah, ini yg sering kelupaan, oke deh buu mantep tutor buat belajar bahsa inggrisnya :D:D

Muhammad Akrom on 17 September 2009 07.49 mengatakan...

Thanx for your inform above...

Investing on 17 September 2009 12.03 mengatakan...

great, My language english bad. Do you want teaching me. Oh no, I will learn more

lusi on 17 September 2009 19.26 mengatakan...

@teplok: i do forget sometimes, teplok
@Mas Acrom: Thanks for the comment
@Angga: wanna learn English??? contact me hehheeh

Ocim on 18 September 2009 00.48 mengatakan...

"i never forget visit this blog daily " .. bener kagak bu soal Adjectives + Preposition

lusi on 18 September 2009 03.14 mengatakan...

@ocim: maksudna yng mana bang ocim??? thanks for visiting me

asep canda on 18 September 2009 05.30 mengatakan...

nice post brother

Investing on 19 September 2009 09.37 mengatakan...

prafangga mengucapkan mohon maaf lahir dan batin

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