Selasa, 08 September 2009

Keep The Students Talking

There are various ways to improve students English language proficiency. One of the ways is doing role play or simulation. Lets take a look on my teaching experience.

Aims : to improve the English language speaking ability.
Material : some expressions of inviting someone, some expression of certainty or uncertainty.
Procedure : Group Performance
Preparations : Script, properties

Performance by Group 1, class 9c

Role Play title: A birthday Party
Script :
Act 1. At School.
Vita met her friends Anggi.invited Vita to go to her birthday party
Anggi : Hi vita
Vita : Hi Anggi, how are you?
Anggi : I am good. By the way, tomorrow is my birthday.
Vita : really?
Anggi : Yes, would you come to my birthday party?
Vita : sure, I will go with Putri then
Anggi : Thanks a lot Vita.

Act 2. Vita called Putri
Vita: Hello, may I speak to Putri?
Putri : Putri speaking, who’s there?
Vita : It’s Vita. Put, don’t you recognize my voice.
Putri : Is that you Vita? Really?
Vita : It’s me. Putri tomorrow is Anggi birthday.
Putri : Is that true?
Vita : yes, she had told me at school.
Putri : ok, I will go then

Act 3 : At the birthday party Vita, Putri met Alfian, Anggi’s friends
Putri : Hi Anggi, happy birthday
Vita : happy birthday, Anggi, wish you all the best
Alfian : Happy birthday Anggi I hope everything will be good in your birthday
Anggi : thank you all
Alfian: Lets sing a birthday song.

After the sang birthday song, they enjoyed dinner. The birthday party was finished, they went home happily.

9 talks:

Welcome on 8 September 2009 08.46 mengatakan...

Hi ..Great nice post .I think will be better if you teach us from your blog........keep writing
have a nice day...

prafangga permana on 8 September 2009 13.13 mengatakan...

talking talking, talk to my hand wekekekek...
you are my best teacher.
learn more today, nice post. keep bloging with smile

denadnan on 8 September 2009 17.49 mengatakan...

itu lagi belajar convertation ya...

yoyok on 8 September 2009 20.08 mengatakan...

ehm...jadi inget waktu masih skul..hehehe

Mas Doyok on 8 September 2009 20.56 mengatakan...

hehehe cerita ultah, tapi kurang bu guru
mana potong kuenya

Stories Funny Funniest Pictures Humor on 8 September 2009 21.14 mengatakan...

BUGUYU, is the best my teacher,

jadi pengin ngumpul ama temen2 sekolah dulu neh

NAnLimo on 8 September 2009 21.41 mengatakan...

kuenya kok mirip bunga...... rasanya gmn tuh...??? hehhhehehehe

Setiyo on 10 September 2009 18.52 mengatakan...

Waduh guru bahasa inggris ya. oke i like this. ehm kunjung balek ya n follow


Wil @ Wil's World of Words on 29 September 2009 22.05 mengatakan...

Great idea! Role plays can be so much fun if they are staged right and the students are confident enough.

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