Minggu, 27 September 2009

Giving Suggestions using Let’s and Why don’t

Look at the dialog below

a. A: Its hot today. Let’s go to the beach
B: Ok, Good idea

b. A: It’s hot today. Why don’t we go to the beach?
B: Ok, Good Idea

Let’s (do something) and why don’t we (do something) have the same meaning. They are used to make suggestions about activities for you and me.
Let’s = let us

People use why don’t you to make a friendly suggestions, to give friendly advice

Give suggestions!

1. I am thirsty
2. I am sleepy
3. I have headache
4. It’s too hot in this room
5. I have a toothache
6. Brrrrr. I am cold
7. I am broke
8. I am hungry
9. I want to share my idea. What should I do?
10. My blog template is so-so. What should I do?

13 talks:

hendrie k_bejo on 27 September 2009 22.22 mengatakan...

keep it up. God Bless u..

mas doyok on 28 September 2009 05.25 mengatakan...

nice post mas.. sip deh

Teplok on 28 September 2009 05.29 mengatakan...

makasiih bu, sangat bermanfaaaaaaat!!! boso inggris ku ora apik iki

MApuc on 28 September 2009 05.43 mengatakan...

sukses aja dech,,,,,

Ocim on 28 September 2009 05.56 mengatakan...

I am sleepy now huuuh

Ocim on 28 September 2009 05.56 mengatakan...

I am sleepy now huuuh

roomen on 28 September 2009 06.08 mengatakan...

terima kasih pelajaran kali ini bu guru

Hitler Jr. on 28 September 2009 06.13 mengatakan...

Wow.. very nice and good post. thank you very much bu guyu :)) kaboooeerrrrr

wandhe on 28 September 2009 06.24 mengatakan...

ngga ngerti ka, hehehhehehhhe

TAX LAWYER on 28 September 2009 06.25 mengatakan...

interesting post, thnk you

kakve-santi on 28 September 2009 09.00 mengatakan...

bahasa bule aduh!


download free on 28 September 2009 12.17 mengatakan...

why not? great. I hope you are regards and keep your nice blog.
Your post will interesting for me.

Ocim on 28 September 2009 17.56 mengatakan...

good morning sir, visit my home okay hehehe

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